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What To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD

Pets are family, and their humans want to do everything they can to help them. So, as more people find relief from various physical and mental ailments through cannabidiol (CBD), it’s only natural that they’d want to allow their pets the same healing. …

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Knee Injuries Forced Olympic Sprinter Michael Frater Into Retirement, But Cannabis Is Helping Him Get Back On His Feet

The world record holder has opened a medical cannabis dispensary in Jamaica. Sprinter Michael Frater represented Jamaica for more than a decade and was a member of the world record-setting 4×100 metres relay team from the 2012 London Olympics. But abou…

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Alabama Man Launches Career As Medical Hemp Farmer After Mother’s Cancer Battle

As a child, Prattville native Jeffrey Lee remembers playing in cotton fields. These days, his own son and daughter run in a much different crop. “I’ve sat out there and watched my kids playing in all this hemp growing 10 or 11 foot high,” Lee said. Lif…

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Older Adults Trying Cannabis For The First Time

Medical marijuana is now legal in over two-thirds of the country, plus Washington D.C., and its prevalence is reaching a new generation. Nope, not Gen Zers coming of legal age; older adults are turning to cannabis, many for the first time, as a medical…

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Fibromyalgia And Cannabis: What The Latest Research Says

Even though pharmaceutical drugs and OTC pain-relievers are typically used to help manage fibromyalgia, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are being considered more now than ever before. If you had to guess, how many people in the United States do you think…

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Acute And Chronic Pain Affects Millions — How Can Cannabis Help?

Acute And Chronic Pain Affects Millions — How Can Cannabis Help?
Nowadays, chronic and acute pain are at the forefront of many people’s lives, but alternative medicines like cannabis continue to gain popularity. 
The post Acute And Chronic Pain Affects…

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Cannabis And Pain Management: Is Alternative Plant Medicine Becoming The New Norm?

As time goes on, alternative plant medicine, such as cannabis, are slowly changing the way pain management is viewed and executed. Did you know that in 2019, chronic pain impacted one-third of the U.S. population? This number continues to rise, and so …

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Cannabis And Pain Management: Is Alternative Plant Medicine Becoming The New Norm?

Cannabis And Pain Management: Is Alternative Plant Medicine Becoming The New Norm?
Nowadays, cannabis and its many cannabinoids are being pursued more because of their medicinal and therapeutic properties.
The post Cannabis And Pain Management: Is Alte…

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Ex-Celtic Hero John Hartson Reveals He Is Treating Nagging Footie Injuries With Cannabis Oil

The former striker, 45, is flogging CBD and sweets online — and claims it dulls his agonising back aches. Hartson began taking the gummies five months ago and is now an ambassador for Supreme CBD. He said: “There’s few people in the game who have had m…

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Cannabis Infused Everyday Cooking With Sweed And Savery

Sweed & Savery’s cooking show is all about normalizing the use of cannabis infused in daily cooking, while providing an understanding for the health benefits, terminology, and sharing recipes. “It can help you reduce pain, it’s a super anti-inflamm…