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Recipe: ‘The Dude’ is a cannabis-infused, Frappé-flavoured, DIY beverage

We like to think the Big Lebowski would approve of this cannabis-infused version of his fav beverage.
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Refreshing cannabis-infused beverages to celebrate Canada Day

Looking to enjoy a refreshing, infused beverage this Canada Day? Look no further than these 10 tasty options, in a variety of doses and flavours.
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Food Network Plans Cannabis Cooking Series ‘Chopped 420’ Competition

The Food Network is about to launch a true “high concept” television series. Chopped 420 is a spin-off of the popular Chopped series, in which four chefs battle it out through appetizer, main course and dessert stages using picnic baskets filled with c…

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Largest Human Trial To Date Will Review Safety Of Full Spectrum Hemp Products

As is the case in the United States, Europe lacks sufficiently reliable scientific data to support the safety of products infused with full spectrum hemp extract. In January 2019, the European Union (EU) reclassified extracts of cannabis sativa L. and …

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A Guide To Cannabis Beer

Cannabis brands have continued to come out with innovative new ways to enjoy cannabis without smoking, and cannabis-infused beverages are definitely having a moment. Brewing companies are quickly hopping on this trend, offering up their haziest concoct…

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Medicinal Chef Megon Dee Is Helping People Finding The Sacred In Cannabis

The edible chef, cannabis educator, advocate, and healer on using cannabis to channel something more cosmic. When Megon Dee moved from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR in 2016, she just wanted a fresh start. Particularly in regards to her relationship wit…