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Shop these 5 excellent Black-owned cannabis brands of California

Fire hash and flower from Oakland Extracts, Peakz Co, Viola, SF Roots and Ball Family Farms.
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Destigmatize Cannabis Use For Mental Health

Opinion: 1 in 7 Canadians use cannabis for medicinal purposes, yet they are labelled as irresponsible ‘potheads.’ Health Canada just released the results of its 2020 Canadian Cannabis Survey, noting that a whopping 27 per cent of Canadians had used can…

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Retired Athletes Jumping High Into The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis, by any name, has long been abhorred in the world of professional sports. But, times are changing. Prior to this year, the drug had been on the banned substance list of every major sports association save the National Hockey League. While mari…

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Ireland Basinger Baldwin On Mental Health And Creativity: ‘Cannabis Completely Bulldozes My Insecurities’

In these last years, we have seen an increasing amount of information arounnd the wonderful benefits of cannabis come out. As explained by Natalya M. Kogan and Raphael Mechoulam back in 2007, “Numerous diseases, such as anorexia, emesis, pain, inflamma…

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One In Seven Canadian Cannabis Users Grow Their Own Pot

Department of Health research has found 15% of Canadian marijuana users grow pot plants at home. A 2018 bill that permits the growing of cannabis in homes may cause nothing but problems with landlords and condo boards, critics of the legalization say. …

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Cannabis Has Become a Go-To Grownup Stocking Stuffer

“People are definitely spreading the holiday spirit more this season,” says one dispensary owner. When a certain famous young entertainer was recently clocked at the Originals Factory & Weed Shop buying over $3,000 worth of cannabis goodies, those …

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Cannabis And Pain Management: Is Alternative Plant Medicine Becoming The New Norm?

As time goes on, alternative plant medicine, such as cannabis, are slowly changing the way pain management is viewed and executed. Did you know that in 2019, chronic pain impacted one-third of the U.S. population? This number continues to rise, and so …

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Edibles re-invented: Why nano gummies are the perfect pair to holiday traditions

The holiday season is just around the corner. While a bottle of wine is the customary gift for someone hosting a Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or other festive gathering, there’s another thoughtful option: nano edibles. Cannabis makes a gre…