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Coffee Protects You From This Disease According To New Research

Coffee Protects You From This Disease According To New Research
A new study found a connection between coffee consumption and liver disease. Here’s what you need to know.
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WSU Forms Center For Supervising Wide-Range Of Cannabis Research

WSU Forms Center For Supervising Wide-Range Of Cannabis Research
WSU began cannabis research back in 2011, prior to Washington becoming the first state, along with Colorado, to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2012.
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Congress Considers Bill To Research Marijuana Legalization Across Country

Congress Considers Bill To Research Marijuana Legalization Across Country
The word on the street is that the bill was introduced in response to the recent pressure for Congress to legalize marijuana.
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Michigan University Becomes First To Offer Cannabis Chemistry Scholarship

Lake Superior State University established the nation’s first chemistry program focused on cannabis when it launched The Cannabis Center of Excellence in 2019 — and now, the school is offering its first scholarship. Steadfast Labs, a Michigan-based res…

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CBD, Cannabis And Hemp: What Is The Difference Among These Products?

Massachusetts is one of 15 states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. While 67% of U.S. adults support marijuana legalization, public knowledge about cannabis is low. A third of Americans think hemp and marijuana are the same thing, according to…

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I Got High For Science: Inside A Human Trial With Cannabis Processor Nextleaf

When Canada legalized marijuana, the Cannabis Act made it clear: in order for a company to test their products on humans at the development stage—that is, have subjects sample them before releasing them to consumers—it must be granted an additional cla…

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Father Of Cannabis Research Plans A New Revolution Nearly 60 Years Later

“The more we checked, the more we saw that we have a new potential alternative to probably two of the most horrible diseases you can find today.” In 1963, Prof. Raphael Mechoulam sent shockwaves through the scientific world when he became the first sci…

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Cannabis Finds A Place In Grandmother’s Cupboard

Former Greater Victoria doctor says studies show benefits of cannabis on aging population If you don’t believe cannabis improves memory functions in older folks, you may be amazed by the mice in the maze. “There’s a great study out of Germany that show…

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Colorado marijuana businesses provide THC products for MJ research

Two Colorado-based marijuana companies are teaming up with the University of Colorado Boulder to study the heath impacts of flower and infused edibles. Native Roots, a Denver-headquartered medical and adult-use cannabis retail chain of 20 stories, will…

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Veterans Try Cannabis To Treat PTSD

CANNABIS CULTURE – The results are now in after the first-ever legal clinical trial into the use of cannabis to treat PTSD, but did the DEA’s rules taint the outcome? “One of the biggest takeaways from this study is that veterans with PTSD can use cann…