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Intensifying Your Runner’s High With Marijuana

Intensifying Your Runner’s High With Marijuana
Many runners claim that marijuana allows them to be “more present,” and makes the miles of roadwork more enjoyable.
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Retired Athletes Jumping High Into The Cannabis Industry

Cannabis, by any name, has long been abhorred in the world of professional sports. But, times are changing. Prior to this year, the drug had been on the banned substance list of every major sports association save the National Hockey League. While mari…

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Medical Cannabis Trial Underway For Australian Football Players With Chronic Pain

Each of the patients, who were taking at least 60-milligrams of morphine a day for chronic pain, showed “significant improvement” in pain interference scores. For Australian football player Ryan Gale, his previous years of athletic glory have been repl…

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How Two High-Performance Athletes Are Challenging Cannabis Stereotypes

Rachael Rapinoe and Anna Symonds are working to bust up myths and lay a new foundation. Rachael Rapinoe, sister of U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe and the CEO of Mendi, an Oregon-based, women-owned CBD company, is clear about her vision. “We want to be …