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New Study Shows Cannabis Reduces Inflammatory ‘Storms’ Caused By COVID-19

A promising new study out of Canada offers data that some cannabis strains help reduce a specific type of inflammatory distress—called a “cytokine storm”—that proceeds severe cases of acute respiratory distress due to COVID-19. In a study conducted by …

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Inflammation And Obesity: Can Cannabis Help Break The Cycle?

It is thought that CBD can work to combat inflammation throughout the body. Like many chronic lifestyle-related diseases, inflammation is at the core. Obesity may be no different. When it comes to obesity, doctors oftentimes prescribe medications to tr…

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What To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD

Pets are family, and their humans want to do everything they can to help them. So, as more people find relief from various physical and mental ailments through cannabidiol (CBD), it’s only natural that they’d want to allow their pets the same healing. …

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Inflammation & Obesity: Can Cannabis Help Break The Cycle?

Inflammation & Obesity: Can Cannabis Help Break The Cycle?
Like most chronic lifestyle-related diseases, inflammation is at the core. Obesity is no different. 
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Marijuana And Athletes – What You Should Know

Some users believe it helps them reach their fitness goals, while others appreciate the feeling of euphoria that helps them relax after training. It seems that cannabis has never attracted this much attention. After decades of being outlawed for no val…

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This Is How Cannabis Effectively Eases Inflammation

While inflammation is the cause of many maladies, it’s also sometimes the remedy. It accounts for back pain, arthritis flare ups, headaches, bowel disorders and even an increase in heart disease. Alzheimer’s is yet another affliction associated with in…