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Chromatographic method measures cannabinoid and terpene levels simultaneously

Researchers in Slovenia may have found a solution to one of the biggest issues regarding cannabis testing and labeling. Consumers looking for high-THC content or a particular terpene profile in a cannabis product regularly express their desire for more…

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What To Know Before Giving Your Pet CBD

Pets are family, and their humans want to do everything they can to help them. So, as more people find relief from various physical and mental ailments through cannabidiol (CBD), it’s only natural that they’d want to allow their pets the same healing. …

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Fibromyalgia And Cannabis: What The Latest Research Says

Even though pharmaceutical drugs and OTC pain-relievers are typically used to help manage fibromyalgia, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are being considered more now than ever before. If you had to guess, how many people in the United States do you think…

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Acute And Chronic Pain Affects Millions — How Can Cannabis Help?

Acute And Chronic Pain Affects Millions — How Can Cannabis Help?
Nowadays, chronic and acute pain are at the forefront of many people’s lives, but alternative medicines like cannabis continue to gain popularity. 
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The USP Lays Out Guidelines For Medical Cannabis

The USP Lays Out Guidelines For Medical Cannabis
The hope is that they outline core quality attributes and tools that may serve as resources for quality control of the plant.
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Strains similar to the 2020 Leafly Strain of the Year

Check out which weed strains are related to Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year and see if you can tell the subtle differences between each.
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Biomedican successfully biosynthesizes two rare cannabinoids

A California life sciences company named Biomedican is drawing significant attention for the rapid progress it’s made in patented, low-cost methods of biosynthesizing rare cannabinoids. The company uses a proprietary strain of yeast named Yarrowia lipo…

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Consumers don’t know THC and CBD levels in cannabis products

A new study shows consumers are unable to identify cannabinoid levels in products they use. Further, 20-50 percent don’t know the THC:CBD ratio of the products they normally use. This lack of consumer awareness could have implications for the safety an…

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Marijuana And Athletes – What You Should Know

Some users believe it helps them reach their fitness goals, while others appreciate the feeling of euphoria that helps them relax after training. It seems that cannabis has never attracted this much attention. After decades of being outlawed for no val…