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Out In the Cold – Harm Reduction Non-Profit Vows to Fight Despite Eviction

CANNABIS CULTURE – As opioid overdoses skyrocket in the province, the BC Supreme Court has ruled that a nonprofit helping more than 200 Downtown Eastside Vancouver residents with harm-reducing cannabis has to vacate the building from which it operates….

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Veterans Suffering from PTSD Find Relief Through Psilocybin

CANNABIS CULTURE – US Army Veteran Holly G. takes psilocybin to help make her combat-related PTSD more manageable. “Knowing that I can eat a mushroom and hit the reset button. It’s not a chemical. It’s not a man made drug. You can go out into the fores…

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People in Jail for Cannabis While Legal Market Booms is “The Height of Injustice”

CANNABIS CULTURE – “It is really the height of injustice to have individuals still incarcerated in your state on marijuana-related offences at the same time as you have a booming legal cannabis industry,” says Sarah Gersten, executive director for Last…

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How One Man’s Psychedelic Journey May Change the Face of Schizophrenia Treatment

CANNABIS CULTURE – “It is well understood that people with schizophrenia should not take large dosages of psychedelics because it is destabilizing,” says Mark Haden, Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)…

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Corporate Cannabis Struggles While Craft Producers Thrive

CANNABIS CULTURE – Financial experts blame price wars with the legacy market, increased competition, and unexpected consumer disinterest in Cannabis 2.0 products for the plummeting stocks of corporate LPs like Aurora and Canopy. However, with the numbe…

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Cannabis Cultivators Suffer Devastation as Wildfires Rage in the West

CANNABIS CULTURE – Wildfires are still ravaging the western portion of the United States, where nearly 60 percent of the cannabis industry’s operations are located. This is potentially a crushing blow to smaller cannabis cultivators who don’t have the …

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New Zealanders Eye Opportunities as Vote on Cannabis Legalization Nears

CANNABIS CULTURE – New Zealand is set to vote next week on the legislation of a new adult use cannabis program. Activists, people and politicians have argued the legal framework will create opportunity where once there was only despair. “I hope to see …

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COVID-19, Cannabis & Herbal Medicine Part 2: Gain-Of-Function

CANNABIS CULTURE – A DEEP dive into the relevant facts – and predictions for the near future – regarding the pandemic of 2020.    “We are men of groans and howls,  Mystic men who eat boiled owls,  Tell us what you wish oh King,  Our magic can do a…

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The Syndicate: Podcast Exposes Biggest Black Market Pot Bust in US History

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Skydiving drug smugglers, a multimillion-dollar empire, massive warehouses and more — and all right under the nose of the Feds.  Sound exciting?  Chris Walker thought so, and his following of the story, that of a group now referred…