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South African Cannabis Flows into Mozambique

CANNABIS CULTURE – Mozambique is a curious outlier among her neighbors in Southern Africa region. Her ban on cannabis whether medicinal or recreational is stiff and strict. However, among Mozambique’s affluent class (doctors etc.), high-end processed c…

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“Cannabis Users Win the Drug War!”

CANNABIS CULTURE – On 20 April, the Alliance for Rights Oriented Drug Policies (AROD) offered the Norwegian Director of Prosecutions 100 grams of cannabis to trigger the legal system, but authority wanted no problem. Instead, cannabis was freely distri…

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RIP Dr Robert Melamede

CANNABIS CULTURE – Sad news, Program Director of the Phoenix Tears Foundation and a giant in the field of cannabis research, Dr Robert Melamede has died. According to a crowd funding campaign organized by family members, Melamede suffered a stroke on M…

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Last Prisoner Project and McCann NY Launch “The Pen To Right History”

LAST PRISONER PROJECT – TO HELP LIBERATE THOSE INCARCERATED FOR NON-VIOLENT CANNABIS OFFENSES The Campaign Asks President Biden and all 50 US Governors to End the Injustice and Pain Suffered by Those Unfairly Incarcerated and Their Families NEW YORK – …

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How Texans Fight for Medical Cannabis Access

CANNABIS CULTURE – Despite barriers to advancing medical legislation in Texas, there are over 30 organizations dedicated to justice surrounding cannabis laws and regulations.  One is an advocacy group based in the Dallas area, called Safe Access Texas….

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Last Prisoner Project Publishes 2020 Annual Report

LAST PRISONER PROJECT – Our 2020 Annual Report highlights the successes achieved, as well as the challenges faced, by LPP in 2020. The detailed report also provides our supporters with information about our finances, operations and plans for the future…

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Prison-Grown Pot Profits Fight The Drug War

CANNABIS CULTURE – How many businesses use their earnings to fight the Drug War? And how many grow their cannabis in an old private prison? “There are victims of the war on drugs, and they deserve a seat at the table,” says Casey Dalton, co-owner of Oc…

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“Lung Damaging Agent” Approved By Health Canada

CANNABIS CULTURE – Health Canada’s Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has added chloropicrin to the list of pesticides permitted to be used in outdoor cannabis farms. As a soil fumigant, it is cheaper and more effective than currently approv…