Guess Which Country Just Imported Marijuana from Jamaica for DEA-Approved Medical Research? – The United States of America

Since 2021, researchers with DEA licenses have had the option to procure cannabis from a limited selection of marijuana cultivation companies endorsed by the agency. Previously, researchers were restricted to sourcing research cannabis either from the …

How is the US Government Studying the Health Benefits of Cannabis? Your Instagram and Facebook Posts, No Joke!

In navigating the multifaceted landscape of marijuana policy reform, the FDA’s exhaustive examination of cannabis, supplemented by insights from social media analysis, illuminates the intricate dynamics at play. Despite the agency’s recommendation for …

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Cannabis Is Still A Bro’s World

Cannabis Is Still A Bro’s World
While it is doing better than the alcohol industry regarding equity, cannabis is still a bro’s world.
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Can CBD Oil Help Dogs With Seizures

Can CBD Oil Help Dogs With Seizures
One of the more prevalent reasons behind marijuana as a medicine is its capacity as a pain management tool.
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A $420 Fine for 420 in the Park? – Idaho May Hate Cannabis but They Set Marijuana Fines to Match a Weed Holiday

A recently proposed measure, as reported by the Idaho Capital Sun, aims to impose a required minimum punishment of $420 for possessing less than three ounces of cannabis, rather than promoting cannabis reform.

Buy Weed from Women, But Do Your Due Diligence Too So You Don’t Get Scammed – SHE Beverages Was a Complete Fraud

According to the SEC, on or around September 9, 2018, SHE Beverage purportedly acquired Elite Green Solutions, a company dealing in cannabis-related products, using a mix of cash and stock. The company underwent a facelift, transforming into The Pink L…

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Why Marijuana Is Good To Use During A Cleanse

Why Marijuana Is Good To Use During A Cleanse
The Fresh Toast – it is all the rage about the “in the moment” healthy set. And here is why marijuana is good to use during a cleanse.
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5 Years After Legalization, Canada Hits CA$5 Billion in Recreational Marijuana Sales (And That is Just the Legal Side)

As the Canadian cannabis business advances, players are proactively preparing to overcome obstacles and capitalize on the potential for future growth. Forecasts predict that cannabis sales might increase by roughly 10% in the next year, driven by a var…