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Marijuana cultivators should rethink how they measure water use, new report says

As demand for water increases and the supply remains limited, marijuana cultivators might need to change the way they think about and measure their use of this precious resource, according to a new report compiled by three organizations. Early efforts …

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Sustainability In The Cannabis Industry: Truly Going Green

Thanks to a decades-long association with “hippies” and “tree-huggers,” cannabis has largely been considered a green (no pun intended) industry by the masses. Many may not realize that cannabis has never really been a sustainable industry, and with the…

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Becoming ‘Plastic Negative’: How Cannabis And Hemp Can Lead The Way In Regenerative Farming

As the climate crisis looms large, the cannabis and hemp industries have begun to take a look at their collective plastic footprint. The “plastic problem” for cannabis has many factors at play. The majority of legal marketplaces require extra packaging…

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How detrimental is indoor cannabis cultivation to the environment?

A new study argues that indoor cannabis is worse for the environment than outdoor, but many companies are already changing the indoor landscape.
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