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Here’s How Much Tax Revenue Has Been Collected From Legal Marijuana Sales In America

Here’s How Much Tax Revenue Has Been Collected From Legal Marijuana Sales In America
The U.S. federal government has left over $500,000,000 in tax revenue on the table by not legalizing marijuana at the federal level.
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Taxes From Cannabis Sales To Help Groups Serving Communities Affected By War On Drugs

Consumers who buy cannabis products in Illinois may help reduce the number of carjackings, shootings and other forms of violence that occur in parts of Chicago, the south suburbs and other areas of the state. That’s the theory behind a groundbreaking p…

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Illinois Sitting On $62 Million In Cannabis Revenue Meant To Foster Businesses And Help Neighborhoods Hurt By Poverty And Violence

Despite promises that cannabis legalization in Illinois would fund more minority business participation and neighborhood improvements, the state has yet to spend $62 million collected for those purposes. Part of the delay in awarding the money is due t…

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Cannabis Bill Must Permit Home Growing

There is no greater issue involving potential cannabis legalization in New Mexico than the issue of a home-growing option. It so important to the current political apparatus — mostly Democratic leadership — that they do not not want to discuss it. Be…

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B.C. Municipalities Continue To Be Left Out Of Cannabis Revenue-Sharing

Resolutions on cannabis, election financing, transit, mental health and addiction were endorsed at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention. Municipal governments are once again appealing to the B.C. government for a share of the cannabis excise tax…