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Study: Safe Drug Consumption Sites Prevent Overdoses And Public Use

Study: Safe Drug Consumption Sites Prevent Overdoses And Public Use
A new study is the first to show the positive effects of overdose prevention centers in New York City.
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Opioid Overdose Deaths Occur Less Often In Areas With More Cannabis Retail Storefronts, Study Shows

This follows a Canadian study that found legalizing cannabis led to a ‘marked decline’ in the volume of opioids prescribed across Canada. The more legal cannabis dispensaries a region has the fewer opioid deaths they suffered, according to a detailed n…

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Call For UK Prisons To Trial Free Cannabis To See If It Cuts Drug Deaths

Prisons should trial free cannabis schemes for drug-dependent inmates to ascertain whether it could reduce overdose deaths, bring down violence and help people overcome opioid addiction, a police and crime commissioner has said. The North Wales PCC, Ar…

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Cannabis Could Reduce Fentanyl Use, Finds BCCSU and UBC Study

Researchers found that those in the study who had urine tests positive for THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, were approximately 10 per cent less likely to have fentanyl-positive urine, putting them at lower risk of a fentanyl overdos…

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What This NSW Dad-of-Six Wants You To Know About Medical Marijuana

A NSW dad who became addicted to painkillers has opened up about how switching to medical marijuana changed his life. Matthew Sieders began taking pain medication after injuring himself at work last year. The 36-year-old was installing machinery at a j…

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Down (the Rabbit Hole) and Out (of Addiction) 

CANNABIS CULTURE – Magic Mushrooms, now legal in Oregon. have shown promise in treatment of addiction and depression. The question is — will the psychedelic approach ever be legal everywhere else? Numinus just announced its plans to begin a compassion…