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It’s Harvest Time For P.E.I.’s Budding Community Of Cannabis Growers

‘You can grow the best cannabis to its absolute potential and then completely ruin it when you harvest it’. Under a cloudy October sky, freelance photographer Sean Berrigan looks over his crop of organic outdoor cannabis plants while considering when t…

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How One Company Found Success In Cannabis By Trading Pesticides For Bugs

Three years ago, Hans Brand had his “eyes opened” to an issue that would change his family and his company. Brand is a co-owner of Autumn Brands, a cannabis grower in Santa Barbara County Calif. As Autumn Brands transitioned from a nonprofit MED collec…

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What Are The Most Abundant Cannabinoids?

Everyone fascinated by the science behind cannabis is familiar with two of the most common cannabinoids: THC and CBD. However, did you know that the cannabis plant can produce at least 144 cannabinoids? While research on the properties of all 144 of th…

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Alberta Cannabis Growers Push For Winery-Type Sampling Tours

Kieley Beaudry would love patrons to tour her licensed indoor pot patch, sample its produce and purchase their favourite buzz on their way out. If wineries and breweries can do it, she says, Alberta’s legal cannabis producers should have the same right…

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From Cherries To Weed: Canadian Farming Family Harvests 60 Acres Of Cannabis

It’s October, which means for outdoor cannabis cultivators in Canada, it’s also harvest season. Nearly 50 firms across the country are licensed to grow outdoors, but just one can say its first harvest has been in the works for nearly seven years. Despi…

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Maryland Picks More Companies To Grow, Process Medical Cannabis

After more than a year of delays due to logistical errors and allegations of impropriety, the state has picked 11 companies to expand and diversify Maryland’s medical cannabis industry. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission on Thursday selected thre…

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Changing Of The Seasons: How Outdoor Cultivators Prepare For Various Crop Threats

In recent years, an uptick in wildfires and the severity of hurricanes have heightened the risk cannabis cultivators face. As a result, growers are doing what they can to prepare for potentially devastating circumstances. “Farming can be a high-risk en…

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Is a tailor-made HVAC system the key to creating ideal cannabis growing conditions?

Cannabis plants aren’t people, so why use an HVAC system designed for human comfort for your grow?
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