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Science Discovered A Like Moment To A Marijuana High

Science Discovered A Like Moment To A Marijuana High
People new to cannabis ask – now science discovers a like moment to a marijuana high you can use as an example
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Better Living Through Spit (Mapping DNA for Cannabis Users)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Spit into a test-tube and ship it to a lab. Within weeks, you’ll get a full report on your personal genetic relationship with cannabis. That’s the business model of Greenway DNA. For $149.99 and a donation of your saliva, the compan…

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Can The Body’s Endocannabinoids Fight Intestinal Infections? This Research Suggests They Can

Mice study shows molecules in the body that share features with cannabis may be able to block bacteria before it can lead to disease. A new U.S. mice study offers promise for advancing understanding of how cannabis can help lessen the symptoms of vario…

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Study finds endocannabinoid system regulates sperm development

The latest research suggests the endocannabinoid system and male reproductive system share a complex and extensive connection, bringing scientists closer to understanding how cannabis affects men’s fertility.
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