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Cannabis Advocates Praise Billion Dollar Market, Yet Afraid Of Big Business

Cannabis Advocates Praise Billion Dollar Market, Yet Afraid Of Big Business
Weed is going legal, and the design will likely mimic the big money ideas that the cannabis advocacy community has been selling for decades.
The post Cannabis Advocates Praise …

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Women’s History Month: The Women of Cannabis Advocacy And Legalization

We don’t talk nearly enough about the significant contribution of women in the long-fought battle for cannabis legalization. Women have taken huge risks, sacrificing their livelihood to bring marijuana to people who desperately need it. In the 1940s, w…

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30 Provocative Quotes From Celebrities Who Love Cannabis

Cannabis has a longstanding and powerful association with the arts. It’s no surprise that many famous actors, musicians, writers, artists, and comedians have been some of the most ardent supporters not just of cannabis reform, but also of recreational …

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All About Playboy’s Cannabis Law Reform Advocacy And Social Equity Grants

Famed publisher Playboy has been expanding into many other verticals in recent years, incorporating branded products, gaming and hospitality offerings into its portfolio. Most recently, the company entered the CBD market with the launch of a line of pr…

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Cannabis Got A Big Win In Congress, But Legal Cannabis Isn’t Around The Corner

Cannabis just had a victory in Congress. But the industry and its supporters may not want to get too excited just yet. The US House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill to end the federal prohibition on cannabis. But the historic vote on the land…